Bible Study Tip: Do a Character Study

In the Bible, there are a lot of books, chapters, and verses, not to mention the differing interpretations and translations. But here's a simple yet effective tip: do a character study. By choosing one person in the Bible and learning all about them, you'll not only gain deeper insights into the text, but you'll grow in your character as well.

  1. Why choose a character study?

The Bible is filled with characters who have stories worth telling. By focusing on one character, you can see their journey and how their faith developed over time. You can also learn from their mistakes for your own life. A character study can add depth and personal meaning to your quiet time.

  1. How to choose a character

Think about your own life and what character traits you want to develop. Do you struggle with forgiveness? Look at the story of Joseph and how he forgave his brothers who sold him into slavery. Do you need encouragement in your faith journey? Consider studying David and his relationship with God. 

  1. What to look for in a character study

Start with reading every mention of the character in the Bible to better understand their story. Then, read commentaries and articles about that person to gain deeper insights. Look at the historical and cultural context in which they lived, and try to understand what motivated them and what they struggled with. Most importantly, ask yourself how to apply what you learned to your life.

  1. Benefits of doing a character study

Besides gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible, doing a character study can also help you grow in your character. By examining these characters' virtues and vices, you can apply their lessons to your own life. You'll also learn how God works in people's lives and how to trust Him in your journey.

Be intentional and consistent to get the most out of your character study. Set aside a specific time each day to devote to it. Use the SOAR Flora or Adventure journals to record your findings and reflections. And don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance from a friend, a pastor, or a mentor.

Choose a character that speaks to you and immerse yourself in their story. And remember, reading the Bible is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about transforming your heart and mind.