Bible Study Tip: Approach the Bible with a Teachable Spirit

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or confused when trying to understand God's Word? Today, we will discuss how approaching the bible with a teachable spirit can help us gain insight into Scripture. 

The bible is one of the most complex books ever written, and it can be tough to try and comprehend its content. However, by having an attitude of humility and openness, we can learn more about what God has revealed in His Word. The Apostle Paul wrote, "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves" (Romans 12:9-10). When we approach our bible study with this mindset, we open ourselves up to powerfully learning from scripture. 

When studying the bible, it's helpful to remember that there are often multiple interpretations of passages. We can research different perspectives of topics and come away with a fuller understanding of how the authors interpreted those passages. Additionally, if we encounter something we need help understanding, it's essential to keep going! Take some time to discuss your questions with someone knowledgeable about your questions or read commentaries or other resources for additional clarification. 

One way that I like to ensure that I am approaching my study of the bible with an open mind is by praying beforehand that God would give me wisdom as I read His Word (James 1:5). This helps me remember that my understanding of scripture is limited but that God knows all things. He will give me insight when I ask Him for it! 

Approaching our study of Scripture with a teachable spirit allows us to gain powerful insight into God's Word. We might not always understand everything right away. Still, by having our heart in the right posture as we dive into God's truth, He will reveal more understanding than we could have imagined! 

Don't forget to pray before each study session, asking for guidance so that you may truly understand what God has written for us in His Word. Start today by taking five minutes out of your day and sit quietly with your bible - let God speak directly into your heart!